Cassada my muse

I'm fascinated by the way that every moment is special just by its own click and then saved.
Digital or analog, on memory cards or films. The moments are saved - maybe forever or maybe lost forever. Yep, lost. My favourite diapositive got lost. But at least not forever: I have a scan but I will nevertheless not give up searching for that unique diapositive.

The photo I am talking about is ‚Cassada‘ ! I took this picture with a very old pinhole camera from my grandfather. I exposed it several times. Cassada is a snow-white Lady with a very notable, loveable and extremely clever character who is fantastic fun to work with! Some successful riders say that they have their ‚once in a lifetime horse’. Well, I can definitely say that Cassada is my favourite horse for my camera!

I love those moments that are not perfectly arranged, the moments which happen suddenly, spontaneously, sometimes from nothing, sometimes when you see it coming. Never close your eyes, though. The tricky thing is, to see this blink of an eye and to click at the right time and then - most importantly - not then lose these moments in the archives or between the several other billion digital atoms. And sometimes it just needs some time to appreciate how special this one moment was. Just like this wonderful moment with the dear Lady Cassada and my good old pinhole camera.